"Grace is a great example of a Pop-Indie artist who is experimenting with different sounds and has something unique to show for it, with a message that relates to the struggles of being young and wanting to find yourself..."

-A.K Jones of Hooked on the Music Blog


"...Brieanna Grace pops with something different. Her lyrics are as personal and heartfelt as an acoustic lullaby, but her melodies tell a new story."

- TourWorthy.com


"There's a certain level of vulnerability a person must have when they release an album, especially one that deals with the deeply personal subjects 'Good Machine' does."

-Ian Goodrum, Features Editor, The Brazosport Facts

 "She is able to move up and down the scales with her voice almost as easily as her fingers glide across the keyboard hitting notes in ranges traditionally reserved for one-named pop divas."

-Pop and Sensibility, Nicole Lucas KTSW 89.9